My tree and Me!


When you first start a family, we begin to really think about your roots…where you come from, what’s in your past, who were your ancestors…

You ponder and wonder about all that happened in the past, all that is happening in the present and future and try to classify them in your mind and heart.

A wonderful idea that captures all the “history” of our genes are “family trees”.

But…we know..they all look like those slanted lines – clearly eliminating any creativity in the process….

And because we love the idea…we found something better!

So start asking you mom about your distant relatives, pester your grandmother about her long-lost uncle, track down that cousin that you vaguely remember….

All the future generations will definitely want a copy of this tree!

This is also a great idea for newlyweds, christenings, baby showers, etc… Very personal and unique and such a sweet gesture that people will surely appreciate and remember!

Find them at mytreeandme

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