Mommy I love you!


The second Sunday in May is always and forever associated with the words “I love you” and “mother”.

What we tell our own mothers, what we hear from our children, what we tell own fellow mom friends and what we remember telling our mother as children…Nothing but sweet moments and memories.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this day has also been associated with gifts. Big or small I think most moms agree that the fondest gift of all is a sweet hug from those that we love best…..

However, IF our husbands feel the need (!!) to make a purchase in our behalf, here are some ideas that we love…

The gift that keeps on giving…beautiful pendants with inscribed names of those that count here!

Adorable t-shirt that will make you and all those around you smile! You can find it here!

A thoughtful and sweet idea (which we first introduced here) is to create your own family tree with the help of the amazing graphics of mytreeandme. A gift that will benefit generations to come but also style your home and your heart!

Of course, we must say that as mothers we always appreciate DIY projects that show the time and thoughtfulness that was put into a gift. Hand picked flowers with a warm hug…can never go wrong!

So for the fathers reading this now…. here are some easy projects that you can create with your little ones together (hint: a great accompaniment to this DIY project is breakfast in bed!) Instructions for all the projects are found here:

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One Response to “Mommy I love you!”
  1. thank you ♥ hoolaboola for featuring our jewels. moms if you don’t get any jewels for mother’s day, you can get some here:

    happy mother’s day to everyone.

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